MEGA members focus on producing pure Manitoban elk and high quality elk products. Manitoban elk have long been recognized for their exceptional ability to produce valuable velvet antler and spectacular trophies. Notable characteristics include the almost black colour of much Manitoban antler in the velvet stage, exceptional length of tines and main beams and huge webbed tops. Some of the earliest elk farms in Manitoba had the opportunity to select the largest antlered bulls in the Duck Mountain and Riding Mountain areas. In the late 1990's this base was augmented with the capture of several hundred more wild elk in those areas. The industry, government, and wildlife interests have agreed that no further wild capture will take place. Although accepted as the best way to establish a strong, healthy pure Manitoban gene pool on farms, there are sufficient demands for harvest of wildlife elk by hunters and the wild capture for farms is regarded as a "one time" event.

Manitoba's elk farms are now selecting the very best of this Pure Manitoban base, concentrating the most valuable and productive genetics, and adding bloodlines recognized as being truly prepotent by using artificial insemination and embryo transfer techniques. During the establishment phase of the Manitoba elk farming industry, regulations have mandated the most stringent management techniques. All elk on farms have been tested for the presence of Red Deer genes, and any suspicious animals have been removed from the population. All elk have been genotyped using DNA, and matched to their Sire and Dam. Post-mortem examination has been a requirement for every elk that has died on farms. No evidence of contagious or infectious disease has been found - all farmed elk on all Manitoba farms are completely free of Tuberculosis and Chronic Wasting Disease.

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